Transition collection is inspired by precious objects of sentimental value, translating them into a wearable art piece. This double-sided piece has two artworks: Aquatic and Jewel.

Swimming in mesmerising oceanic tones, Aquatic takes its colour from a set of bangles wrapped in silky blue and golden threads. These bangles travelled with Abeer overseas from Pakistan to the UK and are a metaphor of her journey and growth. Pattern is used as a tool to collide two exquisite colours- turquoise and a dull gold. This amalgamation births a new colour which is warmer, joyous and more tropical. This union of colour is a representation of an identity brought forth from the experiences pulled from two continents. Abeer describes this as an ‘in-between’ territory because it expresses a sense of feeling divided yet unified by her past and present experiences.

Jewel takes colours from stones set inside a ring and explores the relationship between them and the wearer. Jewellery is not just an object; in south Asian culture it is passed down generations and has a sentimental significance. Intricate pattern work and clever layering techniques result in a design that expresses a unique transition of colour and tone, gracing the silk an iridescent jewel like quality. This piece is an ever-changing form as the colours shift and transform with scale, if viewed closely the design has four colours however seen from a distance the tones merge and birth new forms, like microscopic details on intricate jewellery.

This silk feels unbelievably lush and gentle against the skin. It is light weight, versatile and perfect for making that bold statement. Silk comes packaged in a branded luxury gift box. Gift wrap option available with a personalized note. Suitable as a neckerchief or headband. Approximately L86cm x W5cm. A real treat for the colour enthusiast in you!

Material: Silk georgette, designed and printed in UK.

Size: approx.  L88cm x W5cm

Finish: Machine hemmed.

Photography: Abeer Kayani


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