Forest is an addition to Transition Collection created during 2020 lockdown. This piece takes characteristics of a place very dear to Abeer, her homeland Kashmir. Abeer grew up exploring beautiful trees and natural landscapes, observing transformation of season and space. Intrigued by this consistent shift, seasons spoke to her in ways metaphorical; a tale of gradual painful undoing paving towards the re-establishment of something with remarkable magnificence.

She believes nature is our first teacher, repeatedly revealing to us tales of resilience after battling the inevitable. This piece is an evident jumble of colours; revealing both the season of decay and regrowth. The elevating citrus and evergreen vs. the rich earthy brown and rust tones. Two juxtaposing elements that cannot survive without one another. However, united

they sum up our will to persevere and carry on, for no season is absolute.

The Forest silk scarf has an optical repetitive pattern that overlaps itself to birth new forms. The base is composed of an earthy brown and rust pattern, which alters as a new layer is introduced. The rust shifts to a citrusy tone- highlighting the connection between Autumn and Spring as they are a season apart, yet a hope away to a striving heart.

This silk feels unbelievably lush and gentle against the skin. It is light weight, versatile and perfect for making that bold statement. Silk comes packaged in a branded luxury gift box. Gift wrap option available with a personalized note. Suitable as a neckerchief or headband. Approximately L86cm x W5cm. A real treat for the colour enthusiast in you!

Material: Silk georgette, designed and printed in UK.

Size: approx.  L88cm x W5cm

Finish: Machine hemmed.

Photography: Abeer Kayani


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