Wave is an addition to Transition Collection created during the 2020 lockdown. This piece started off with an experimental colour study from the woven threads in a handmade button. It took various influences evolving through seasons. The artwork was hand painted to test the colours and composition, then colour tested to make sure the dye inks matched the artwork. This piece is reversable with a warmth and intensity that can be turned to create a cooler atmosphere. Echoing an intensity of autumnal hues this piece has a refreshing enthusiasm.

Wave has various cultural influences such as a border design common in traditional south Asian textiles and warm festive colours. Combined with a contemporary approach towards pattern layering as forms merge and blend creating a wide spectrum of colours that evolve throughout the piece.

Silks are incredibly soft, designed in Abeer’s home studio in Southampton and printed in the UK using specialist dye inks. Suitable as a wearable piece of art or a wall hanging. They come packaged in a luxury gift box and can be personalised with a handwritten note to make it extra special.

Bespoke Commissions

Abeer is taking commission work. Why not expand the Transition Collection by giving it a sentimental touch of your own? If there is an exceptional heirloom object or an object that reminds you of a special time, why not create an extension to it and transfer the colour and emotion into a unique silk. Drop me an email to discuss.

Current shipping time is between 5-7 working days. Free UK shipping, for international order contact me.

For a Bespoke colourway please contact me.

Material: Silk georgette, printed in UK.

Size: approx.  L90cm x W90cm

Finish: Machine hemmed, labelled.


Product Care

Treat your scarf with care. As a natural fibre, silk is easily damaged by substances containing alcohol. If you intend to use perfume and/or hairspray, then let it dry completely before wearing the scarf. Any sharp jewellery or object worn will be at the wearers own risk. It is advisable to dry clean our silk scarves. To avoid damage, use a cooler temperature setting on the iron.

Photography: Abeer Kayani


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