Transition collection is inspired by precious objects of sentimental value, translating them into a wearable art piece. Swimming in mesmerising oceanic tones, this piece is inspired by a set of bangles wrapped in silky blue and golden threads. These bangles travelled with me overseas from Pakistan to the UK and are a metaphor of my journey and growth.

The pattern is used as a tool to collide two exquisite colours- turquoise and a dull gold. This amalgamation births a new colour which is warmer, joyous and more tropical. This union of colour is a representation of an identity brought forth from the experiences pulled from two continents. I like to describe this as an ‘in-between’ territory because it expresses a sense of feeling divided yet unified by my past and present experiences.

This versatile piece can be draped and worn in styles emphasizing its various colours due to the unique border design. This lush silk is unbelievably gentle against the skin. It is light weight, drapes elegantly and comes in two additional colourways. Suitable for display as an art piece for your favourite wall or a luxurious treat for your wardrobe.


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For a Bespoke colourway please contact me.

Material: Silk georgette, printed in UK.

Size: approx.  L90cm x W90cm

Finish: Machine hemmed, labelled.


Product Care

Treat your scarf with care. As a natural fibre, silk is easily damaged by substances containing alcohol. If you intend to use perfume and/or hairspray, then let it dry completely before wearing the scarf. Any sharp jewellery or object worn will be at the wearers own risk. It is advisable to dry clean our silk scarves. To avoid damage, use a cooler temperature setting on the iron.


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Photography: Abeer Kayani

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Dimensions 90 × 90 cm


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